Red Grammar!

We love Red Grammar and listen to his CD’s in the car all the time, ever since the kids were babies! It was so great going to his wonderful concert and meeting him!

Zayn is 6!

Our baby is 6!  We plan on celebrating his birthday in Disneyland and Legoland in a few weeks! Love you so much Zaynie!

Zayn’s School

Zayn goes to an Environmental Sciences school, and this is the pond on the school grounds that they go fishing for crayfish in (and return into the pond after catching!)

How My Baby Lost His First Tooth :(

Today before school, our poor baby fell as he ran up the stairs and hit his mouth right on the wooden stair. And knocked out a tooth!!!  And that’s how he lost his first baby tooth! 🙁 He was very very brave and a total angel.